September Fundraiser

Save Around Books – formerly Kids Stuff (new look – even better savings!)

Your child should be bringing home a Save Around book from school (if they haven’t already). This book contains coupons and discounts for many places around Berks County that are good until December 2022. These books cost $25, and you can order additional copies for friends and family! They make great gifts for the holidays or a thank you to a neighbor, babysitter, friend. You can even order them for different locations if you have family or friends outside of Berks County!

Books or orders are due by September 27th

If you do not wish to purchase, simply send the book back to school with your student and have them hand it to the teacher. If you would like to purchase, you can send $25 cash in an envelope marked Attn: PTA or go online and pay for the book through the website. You can also order additional books through the website or by sending the order form into school.

Due to a shortage of books this year we sent home 1 book per family. If you have multiple kids attending WCE you will only get a book with the oldest sibling.

Any questions can be directed to Amy Koch at

Thank you for your continued support of the WCE PTA!

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