About Us

Your Willow Creek Elementary PTA volunteers seek to unite school, community, and home in promoting the education, health, and safety of children and families.

Officers for the 2019-2020 school year:

President  ~  Amy Koch
Vice President 1 ~  Andrea Salsano
Vice President 2 ~ Chelsa Gerould
Vice President 3 ~  Amy Lawlor
Treasurer ~ Jennifer Trexler
Corresponding Secretary ~ Valeen Hykes
Recording Secretary ~ Nikki Kauker
Teacher Representatives ~ 


Come Join!!!!  Here is your opportunity to become a member if you have not already joined.  By joining the PTA, you will be able to vote on many important issues throughout the year at the general membership meetings.  We encourage you to join the PTA so you can have a part in making this a great organization that will provide the students with many wonderful opportunities!  Without your help, the PTA may not be able to provide as much due to not enough volunteers or support.   Please fill out the official 2017-2018 Willow Creek PTA form  and send it to school with your child.  Any membership questions?  Please email us with any questions.  Come join the PTA!