Teacher Appreciation Week – May 2-5

It is time to get Teacher Appreciation Week under way and planned for our wonderful staff at Willow Creek. Teacher Appreciation Week is May 2-5 for us this year since there is no school on May 6.

We would like to start the week off with providing snack baskets in the faculty room, work rooms and conference room for the teachers to help themselves throughout the week starting on Monday. In order to do this we will need donations of individually packaged snacks (chips, pretzels, granola bars, etc) Below is a sign up genius to use if you would like to donate these types of items. All items will need to be dropped off at my house (404 Eagle Drive Blandon) or sent to the school labeled PTA TEACHER APPRECIATION by April 27th!!!


On Wednesday, May 4th we will be having a teacher luncheon for the staff to enjoy during their lunch times. This gets a little tricky because lunches stretch from 10:50am – 2pm. We are hoping to have most of our food items donated by parents and are also asking a few local restaurants for donations. All items will need to be hot and able to be kept in crock pots or cold items that can be left out for the duration of the lunches. We also have some special dietary restrictions we need to keep in mind. These include Gluten Free and Vegetarian. Due to all of these factors, we created a google sheet to use as a sign up sheet. I don’t know how many of each item we should request so by using the google sheet we can adapt as we go. I have included hot and cold spots, as well as desserts and drinks. Note that I did ask for gluten free for both hot food and desserts. We need at least 1 or 2 so that all staff feel appreciated despite their dietary restrictions. Below please find some suggestions on things that would work well.

I think we want to stay away from soups because they get tricky for the teachers to transport to wherever they are eating their meal. Meatballs, pastas, hamburger BBQ, turkey BBQ, finger sandwiches, wraps, salads, macaroni salad, pasta salad, etc. Items can also be bought and brought in like pretzel trays or other items. Drinks would be nice to have a combination of water, soda, lemonade, teas. We can provide cups if people want to donate gallons and 2 liters. I know that some teachers have requested seltzer like La Croy to be included!

Please use the google sheets link below to sign up to donate food. ALL FOOD WILL NEED TO BE BROUGHT TO THE SCHOOL THE MORNING OF MAY 4TH between 9am-10:30am – if alternate arrangements need to be made please contact Jennifer Schwegler


The last thing we would like to do is provide prizes throughout the week for as many teachers as we can. We are looking to do gift cards ($5-$30 in value for places like Target, TPT, Giant, Weis, Walmart, Michaels, Hobby Lobby, Barnes and Noble, Amazon) and lottery scratchers that will be placed in envelopes and then names will be randomly drawn throughout the week and they will win one of the prizes. In order to do this we need families to donate gift cards, lottery tickets or cash for us to purchase items. The PTA is not allowed to purchase those items with our current funds. All money donated will go directly to purchasing gift cards or lottery tickets for these prizes. The more prizes we have the more teachers we can bless! If you wish to donate any of these prize items or money towards them please send them to the school in an envelope PTA Teacher Appreciation Attn: Jennifer Schwegler

Please if you know any other parents who would be willing to donate any of the above items – forward them this email and share with them!!!!!!

Thank you so much for all of your help!

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out

Jennifer Schwegler