Box Tops

Last year was a very successful year collecting Box Tops. Willow Creek students, families, and staff collected 50,886 Box Tops which equals $5,088.60. That is FANTASTIC!!! Collecting Box Tops is a wonderful and easy way to earn money for our school. We will be running the Box Tops program similarly to last year. On a monthly basis, the “Golden Awards” Assembly is held at Willow Creek. During that time, classes receive “Golden Awards” which recognize the classes who have demonstrated qualities of being good students/citizens which help to create a wonderful school environment. When students collect Box Tops, they are helping to raise money for their school community which helps to contribute to the wonderful environment at Willow Creek Elementary School. So, we are going to add a “Golden Box Tops Award” which will be a part of the “Golden Awards” Assembly each month.

Each class will collect Box Tops during a collection period. Prior to the “Golden Awards” Assembly, the Box Tops will be counted to determine which class has raised the most money by collecting Box Tops. The class that collects the most during that time will receive the “Golden Box Top” Award. When the award is given, we will announce how much money the entire school has earned and how much money the winning class has earned. After the award is given, the totals will return to zero and a new collection period will begin. This recognition will help the students to make the connection that they can help to provide things in their school just by collecting Box Tops.

We also plan to have some individual contests throughout the year, which will count toward the collection periods as well. Information will be sent home prior to us holding those special contests.

Guidelines for collecting Box Tops:

  • Tape or glue Box Tops onto a Box Tops Collection Sheet – feel free to involve your children in the process
  • Send the Box Tops Collection Sheets to school with your child
  • Please be sure to check the expiration dates
  • Tape or glue any Bonus Box Tops onto the back of the Collection Sheets