January 11th 2022 Meeting Minutes

Minutes from the PTA Meeting on Tuesday, January 11, 2022 at 6pm in the library

Principal’s Comments

  • Mrs. Zellner attended the meeting virtually.  She was grateful for being able to attend virtually.  Willow Creek hired a new certified building aid, and contracted out for 2 additional custodians.  She is working on paperwork for additional new staff members.
  • Kindergarten Registration dates are getting set up, they are currently planning on dates around spring conferences. 


We are up to 74 members

Treasurer’s Report:

  1. $755.00 went to family outings
  2. We made $325 from Spuds and Rita’s
  3. Santa’s Workshop, we are still waiting for the bill from Santa’s Workshop to know the total profit from all.  
  4. $125 went to Grade Level Grants
  5. $300.00 went to Teacher Grants
  6. $70.00 went out for Hospitality Dinner
  7. We made $205.00 from Cristina’s Dine and Donate
  8. $20.00 went out for Babysitting 

Motion to Approve: Jodi Gauker

Second by: Lizz Galley

Teacher Grants:

None for this month

Grade Level Grants:

None for this month

Upcoming events :


  • We will be having our annual Bingo event again on March 20th at the Fleetwood Grange. 
  • We are still looking for and accepting donations for raffles and prizes. 

Skating Party

  • We will have a family event at Fantasy Skate away in March


January 2022

  • Pickle Fundraiser:  More information will be coming out shortly.  We are hoping to start the week of January 24th or soon after.   Pick up date is currently planned for February 23rd. 

February 2022

  • Pura Vida: This will be a school wide fundraiser to support the fourth grade celebration.  The bracelet  designs will be chosen by the 4th grade students. 
  • Gertrude Hawk: We will start the sale on February 21st and end it on March 4th.  All order forms will be sent in by March 10th to ensure Gertrude Hawk will send orders for April 4th delivery date.            

Ongoing Fundraising:  Boxtops, Boyer Tags, Amazon Smile  

Dine and Donate:

January 2022

  • Mad J’s in Blandon, January 19th 

February 2022

  • Moe’s Pick up at Willow Creek on February 23rd


  • Reminder that each fourth grade student will receive a free yearbook from the PTA.  Parents can still customize the 2 free pages, any additional customized pages are extras.  
  • Please make sure the photographs in your two customized pages are appropriate for an elementary school yearbook. Please contact Amy Lawlor at amyelawlor@gmail.com with any questions or problems. 

Old Business

  • Nothing old

New Business

Library Presentation:

  • Stacy Lauck gave a presentation about a program that the Fleetwood Public Library held last summer.  The Program was called Tigers in the PARK (Play – Activities – Reading for Kids).  On Mondays, there was a story and activity, Tuesday was a virtual activities, Wednesdays were performance and learning stations, Thursday was grab and go activities, and Fridays were field trips all over berks county. Parents who participated in the program with their children spoke highly of the activities and supported it. 
  • For this year, they are looking to not only continue the program, but also expand it!  They are seeking input from the community of places and things to do and visit, and what kids need.  They are also looking at possibly adding in older age groups and different times (some late afternoons/early evenings, instead of only mornings) If you have any ideas or suggestions please contact Stacy Laucks, Youth Program Coordinator, at: Fleetwoodkids0146@gmail.com

Fourth Grade Celebration:

  • 4th grade committee will hold a once a month meeting. The first meeting is Thursday, January 13th at 7 pm. 
  • The meetings will be held outside of school.  
  • A date for the celebration is not set yet.
  • This will be a volunteer only event.
  • Possible activity and vendor ideas: photo booth, dunk tank, popcorn, DJ, Rita’s/Kona Ice

Field Trips:

  • Due to the shortage in Bus Drivers, it is unknown if we will be able to have Field trips in the sprint.  


  • We are looking to have assemblies for each grade level.  If you have any ideas or suggestions, please let the PTA Board know.  Current possibilities include: Phantoms and ZooAmerica, The Berry Farm, The Reading Public Museum or other local Museums, 
  • We are hoping to have the High School Musical cast come and perform their play or a part of their play, Addams Family Musical. 

Next Meeting is February 8, 2022  at 6pm in the library

Motion to adjourn: Amy Koch

Second by: Mackenzie Weaver

Parent Volunteers:  

If you are volunteering at an event during the school day, you MUST have your clearances* on file.

*Clearances Criminal Background check and Child Abuse are free but need to be done. 

Fingerprints don’t need to be done if you are a resident of PA for more than 10 year. 

On the Fleetwood Website under forms and links you can find the information.  It all needs to be sent to the office and kept on file before you can come into the school or volunteer in the classroom.   The district keeps them on file for 5 years. The links can be found on the district website. 


In Person: Mary Templin, Dave Crismman, Katelyn Moll, Nicole Kauker, Amy Koch, Lizz Galley, Mackenzie Weaver, Jodi Gauker, Jamie Wagner

On Zoom: Mrs. Zellner, Amy Lawlor, Shawn Fies, Lauren Farina