March 8th 2022 Meeting Minutes

Minutes from the PTA Meeting on Tuesday, March 8, 2022 at 6pm in the library

Principal’s Comments

Mrs. Zellner was unable to attend the PTA meeting.  

Treasurer’s Report

  • Kid’s Stuff/Save Around Book – we earned $ 273.50.  There were several online orders that were not originally accounted for. 
  • Anita’s Dips Fundraiser we earned $864.25
  • Das Pickle Haus Fundraiser we earned $ 940.00
  • We got $9.00 from Box tops
  • Boyer’s we made $33.81
  • The 4th grade Celebration fundraiser Pura Vida bracelets earned $146.00
  • We spent $40 for licensing for our bingo event.
  • We spent $200 on teacher grants last year. 

Motion to Approve: Lizz Galley

Second by: Shawn Fies. 


We are up to 82 members.

Teacher Grants:

  • Mrs. Labe (Kindergarten teacher) requested $100 for Mathseeds subscription. Mathseeds is a tool that can be used on students’ iPads. Mathseeds teaches kids core math and problem solving skills and is also fun and engaging. 
  • Mrs. Siddiqi (K-4 Art teacher) requested $100 for art supplies for a special project.  She created Play-Doh boxes with various tools for the students to work with, in addition to supplies she purchased for all students to use in the art room. 
  • Mrs. Schedit (Third Grade Teacher) requested $100 for interactive slides and activities purchased through Teachers Pay Teachers to help support the curriculum. 

Motion to approve: Amy Koch

Second by: Dave Crissman

Grade Level Grants:

None for this month

Upcoming Events:

Bingo- March 20th Fleetwood Grange  

  • March 20th.  Bingo prizes are around $35 in value.  Several raffle donations.  We have a variety of raffles.
  • All tickets ordered PRIOR to March 11th will be $20.  After March 11th, tickets are $25.  Each individual needs to have a ticket, this includes students. 
  • There are 20 bingo games, a hotdog and a drink included with each ticket. The Fleetwood Field Hockey team will be in charge of food and Boyer’s donated hotdogs and rolls
  • There will be door prizes. 
  • You can buy extra bingo tickets including specials.  
  • We are still accepting donations for Bingo Prizes and Raffles.  
  • Doors open at 12:00 and Bingo starts at 1pm.  Also 50/50 tickets.  
  • Sponsors are listed on the WC PTA website.


March 2022

  • Gertrude Hawk ends March 4th (A week to collect order forms and put them in the mail by the 9th or 10th so they get to Gertrude Hawk by the 14th  *** Shipped for April 4th –  Pick up in April

April 2022

  • The Shop Fundraiser More information to come
  • Spirit Wear Sale 

May 2022

  • Teacher Appreciation Week
  • Book Fair May 9 – May13

Ongoing Fundraising: Boxtops, Boyer tags, Amazon Smile

Dine and Donate:

March 2022

  • Pop’s Malt Shoppe – Kutztown, PA- March 16
  • Plaza Azteca in Blandon to support the 4th grade celebration – March 23 

April 2022

  • Fiore’s Chill and Grill- Date TBD

May 2022

  • Rita’s TBD

Yearbook :

  • Fourth Graders will receive a FREE yearbook from PTA.  An order form will be coming home shortly to order and pay by check instead of paying online.     

Old Business:

  • Schedule assemblies one per grade level  -Ideas- Phantoms, ZooAmerica, Crayola, 
  • Each grade level will have its own date.
  • Kindergarten- Crayola (Lizz) We are bringing Crayola to the kids.  Crayola will send a kit for each child and we will have helpers to help the students complete the activities
  • 1st Grade- We are looking into having a zoo come to the school, or  PT reptiles.  We are trying to keep it animal related. (Amy L.)
  • 2nd and 3rd Grade- Looking into Science Explorers $19 a student (Katelyn)   
  • 4th- Looking into DaVinci Center coming to the school (Lizz)
  • Barnhill Preserve (FREE) All grades (Amy K.)
  • Working on having the HS come to perform Addams Family Musical for all grades

New Business:

  • Date 4th grade celebration still working on a date. 
  • Kevin McClosky made and donated a tiger cub drawing to hang in the library. 

Motion to Adjourn: Mackenzie Weaver

Second by: Katelyn Moll 

Next Meeting is April 5, 2022 at 6 pm in the library

  • Meeting ID: 761 7396 2376 Passcode: RG0G3n


In-Person: Nicole Kauker, Katelyn Moll, Mackenzie Weaver, Amy Lawlor, Lizz Gally, Amy Koch, Jennifer Schwegler, Dave Crissman, Mary Templin, Dina Heffner, Shawn Fies, Rebecca Bieber, Ashli Heckman

On Zoom: None