May 17th 2022 Meeting Minutes

Minutes from the PTA Meeting on Tuesday, May 17th, 2022 at 6pm in the library

Principal’s Comments

Mrs. Zellner said it was a successful school year and wishes everyone a good summer. 

Treasurer’s Report 

  • Total from Gertrude Hawk Candy was $4,770.72
  • Total of In-Person Field Trip expenses was $6,395.91.  We bought all the students a Crayola Kit.  Kindergarten’s Field Trip was the Crayola Factory, 1st and 3rd Grades have a Zoo Coming to visit, 2nd grade is the reading museum, 4th Grade was DaVinci Science Center visit. 

Motion to Approve: Mackenzie Weaver

Second by: Jodi Gauker


We are up to 82 members.

Teacher Grants:

  • Dave Crissman (Third Grade Teacher): Requested $100.00 for Teachers Pay Teachers Gift Certificate to use throughout the school year to supplement his instruction. 
  • Daniel Aston (Learning Support): Requested $90.93 for books, prizes, and other items needed for the classroom. 
  • Kristi Shuman (ESL K-4): Requested $100.00 for books purchased from Scholastic in addition to prizes and snacks purchased for each student who had to take the WIDA test, and other classroom supplies. 
  • Nikki Wright (Third Grade Teacher): Requested $100.00 for a Teachers Pay Teachers Gift Card to purchase supplemental learning activities. 
  • Paige Labe (Kindergarten Teacher): Requested $100.00 for Math Seeds.  Math Seeds is an app which teaches children at their own level.  It is useful when working with students in small groups.  Children can have extra practice with skills they are learning. 
  • Jennifer Meals (Kindergarten Teacher): Requested $100.00 for Math Seeds.  (The Math Seeds Program was $615.00. Three kindergarten teachers went in together to purchase the program.  The requests were divided up into the first half of the school year, and the second half of the school year). 
  • Morgan Klotz (Fourth Grade Teacher): Requested $100.00 to purchase flexible seating for her classroom. 
  • Alicia Noll (Reading Intervention): Requested $100.00 for books/periodicals for the classroom.  Including books with decodable text, reader’s theater scripts, and curriculum resources. 
  • Bev Schroeder (Instructional Coach): Requested $75 for half of the fee for a balloon artist for the Wild About Literacy Night.  The other half was being paid for by AM PTC. 
  • Lauren Stahl (Reading Support K-4): Requested $100.00 for books/periodicals for her classroom, including books with decodable text. 
  • Shari Wapinsky (CSN): Requested $100.00 to purchase pants, sweatpants, under garments and water for students. 
  • Colleen Berger (First Grade Teacher): Requested $100.00 for food, a new heat lamp, and food container for their embryology project.  She would also like to purchase some science books to go with this project . 
  • April Smith (Kindergarten Teacher): Requested $125.00 for classroom craft activities, prize box items, holiday gifts, technology accessories, and holiday/special snacks for related curriculum activities. 
  • Candi Gassaway (Kindergarten Teacher): Requested $100.00 for a Teachers Pay Teachers Gift Card for ELA and Math resources. 

Grade Level Grants:

  • 4th Grade: $500 for The Flocabulary website. It has lots of awesome videos relating to ELA, Math, and Science. It will be a one-year subscription to share among the 4th grade teachers. 
  • Chris Schaeffer, the entire school: $179.14 To enable the microphones in the LGI to be able to connect to the speakers for assemblies. 
  • 3rd Grade: $500 to purchase a variety of items to build up our science and social studies curriculum in tandem with the Wonders Curriculum. 

Motion to approve: Ashli Heckman

Second by: Jennifer Schwegler

Upcoming Events:


  • Outdoor Movie Night: May 21st.  We will be showing RIO. There will also be food trucks available 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm and we will start the movie at 8:00 pm.


  • June 6th: 4th Grade Clap Parade and celebration: Fourth Grade parents are welcome to come to the celebration. 

Field Trips:

1st and 3rd grades: Party Animal Express – May 31st

2nd Grade: Reading Museum – June 3rd 

Dine and Donate Events:

May 2022

  • Rita’s May 25th 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm.  There will be celebrity (teachers) scoopers and we will also have our prize wheel. 

Ongoing Fundraising: Boxtops, Boyer tags, Amazon Smile

Old Business:

New Business:

Voting for the new PTA Board 

Congratulations to the new board members:

  • President: Lizz Galley
  • Vice President 1: Jennifer Schwegler
  • Vice President 2: Mackenzie Weaver
  • Vice President 3: Katelyn Moll
  • Treasurer: Amy Koch
  • Recording Secretary: Lauren Farina 
  • Corresponding Secretary: Amy Lawlor

Motion to Adjourn: Mackenzie Weaver

Second by: Lauren Farina  


In-Person: Michelle Zellner, Amy Lawlor, Nicole Kauker, Katelyn Moll, Mackenzie Weaver, Lizz Galley, Amy Koch, Jennifer Schwegler, Dave Crissman, Mary Templin, Jodi Gauker, Lauren Farina, Ashli Heckman, Cindy Weidenhammer

Zoom: John Lawlor, Amanda Orndorff, Kimberly Scheidt, Brittany Bryniarski, Dina Heffner, Ashley Rainey