December 13th, 2022 Meeting Minutes

Minutes from the PTA Meeting on Tuesday, December 13th, 2022 6:30PM in the library. 

Call to Order- 6:34PM

Pledge of Allegiance

Principal’s Comments:

  • Ms. Jackson said everything is going smoothly and the school is almost fully staffed.
  • The new approach to special education is going well.
  • Everyone is working hard!!

Treasurer’s Report – November 2022  

  • Deposits have been made from the spiritwear sale, chocolate sale, donations from two food trucks (Rita’s and Schaeffer’s), the gift card fundraiser, Chick-fil-A fundraiser, Fiore’s Dine and Donate, and the Near and Dear Dance.
  • Expenses include teacher grants, TPT grants, and PTA babysitters.

Motion to Approve: Michelle Jackson

Second By: Cindy Weidenhammer


  • There are currently 70 members.

Teacher Grants:

  • Mandy Marsden (2nd Grade Teacher): Requested $100 for books/periodicals for the classroom. I will use the books to build my classroom library and for books that students can take home to read.
  • Sarah Crissman (4th Grade Teacher): Requested $100 for classroom snacks, classroom reward incentives, items needed in classroom. I would like to use the grant to purchase a new storage cabinet for my room. I would also like to purchase prizes for my prize box. Lastly, I plan to get small snack bags and hand sanitizer bottles for my classroom.
  • Brandi Benner (2nd Grade Teacher): Requested $100 for items needed in classroom. Miscellaneous items for classroom use

Motion to Approve: Amy Koch

Second By: Katie Pisauro

Teachers Pay Teachers Grants:

  • Mandy Marsden (Second Grade Teacher): Requested $50

Motion to Approve: Kelly Gausch

Second By: Adam Chernow


December- Meeting 12/13

  • Dine and Donate – Chick-fil-A on 5th St Hwy – 12/5-12/9 – This was attended by many people. We will have a profit total soon.
  • Santa’s Workshop – 12/2 5-8PM – We made approximately $1,000 on this event. We are looking to host our own holiday shop next year and expand it with some new ideas.
  • Walkathon Ice Cream Party – 12/9 – The kids had a great time and they loved the ice cream! There were five students who couldn’t attend, so we are looking to purchase an ice cream treat for these students during their lunch periods.

January- Meeting 1/10

  • Dine and Donate – Mad J’s BBQ – 1/18 12-7PM (Snow date – 1/25) – The stickers were already printed prior to Mad J’s changing their hours. The owner is aware of this and they will still honor any orders that come in between 7-8PM that evening.
  • “Das Pickle Haus” Fundraiser – 1/9-26 (This is a slight change in dates.)
  • Movie Night – 1/13 6:30-9:00PM – Sam’s has donated a gift card to purchase some snacks to sell at the event. A sign-up genius will be going out soon for those who volunteered to help with this event. Fourth grade students are choosing the movie we will watch.

February – Meeting 2/14

  • Dine and Donate – Plaza Azteca
  • Pickle Pickup – 2/20 4-6PM – The company will deliver the pickles to the school earlier that day.
  • Anita’s Savory Dips Fundraiser – This flier will go home on Jan. 30. The orders should be delivered around the first week in March.
  • 4th Grade Celebration Fundraiser – We do not have any updates at this time.

March – Meeting 3/14

  • Dine and Donate – Pop’s 3/10 & 3/11 11:30am – 10pm – This fundraiser will be two days long this year.


  • Amazon Smile
  • Boyer’s Tags
  • Boxtops

*We do a variety of fundraisers so that you can decide which ones best fit your family. Please do not feel as though you need to participate in every fundraiser. 

Old Business:

  • Near and Dear Dance – Over 400 tickets were sold. The total profit was $1649.35.
  • Snacks and drinks in faculty rooms – This has been very successful.
  • Yearbook – We will plan to have students choose the theme as soon as possible.
  • Field Trips – We are working out the details regarding field trips.

New Business:

  • Bingo –  March 19th – The field hockey team will run the concession stand again this year. If anyone knows of places who would be willing to donate, please let us know.
  • Playground – The climber on the playground is broken. There are some options for fixing it. (1) To replace all of the red cables, the cost is $1,851 + $287 shipping. (2) Since the company discontinued what we currently have, we could also replace it with a fishnet climber. This would cost $3,040 + $420 shipping + installation. We have a separate PTA fund that would cover the cost of the equipment. We will contact the company for more information.

Motion to Approve (as long as the total price comes in under the PTA budgeted amount and Fleetwood Area School District agrees to sign an agreement waiving PTA from any liability): Katelyn Moll

Second By: Adam Chernow

PTA Bylaws – In our bylaws (Section 5, Article 9), it states that anyone organizing an event will present a plan of work to the executive board for approval. Before any information goes out to the public (flyers, emails, etc.), it must be proofread by two board members. For the 2022-2023 school year, the materials must be proofread by Amy Koch and Jennifer Schwegler. If Amy or Jennifer are the authors of the material, Lizz Galley must also proofread it.

Adjournment- 7:52PM

Motion to Adjourn: Mackenzie Weaver

Second By: Cindy Weidenhammer

Next Meeting – January 10th at 6:30PM in the library


In Person: Lizz Galley, Mackenzie Weaver, Katelyn Moll, Amy Koch, Lauren Farina, Dave Crissman, Jill Myers, Sarah Crissman, Michelle Jackson, Adam Chernow, Katie Pisauro, Kelly Gausch, Cindy Weidenhammer, Mary Templin

On Zoom: Lynn Schadler, Jodi Gauker, Dina Heffner, Janel Smith