January 10th, 2023 Meeting Minutes

Minutes from the PTA Meeting on Tuesday, January 10th, 2023 6:30PM in the library. 

Call to Order- 6:30PM

Pledge of Allegiance

Principal’s Comments:

  • Ms. Jackson was not able to attend this evening.

Treasurer’s Report – December 2022  

  • Deposits have been made from Schaeffer’s Food Truck and Cristina’s Dine and Donate.
  • Expenses include Walk-a-thon (water), Santa’s Workshop expenses, toilets for Trunk-or-Treat, Near and Dear Dance lights, TPT Grants and Teacher Grants from last month, dinner for the PTA Board, snacks for the teacher snack shop, prizes, babysitting money for December’s PTA meeting, and miscellaneous purchases (bins).

Motion to Approve: Cindy Weidenhammer

Second By: Jennifer Schwegler


  • There are currently 70 members.

Teacher Grants:

  • Morgan Woods (Klotz) (4th Grade Teacher): Requested $100 for classroom reward incentives and items needed in classroom. I am purchasing flexible seating and some reward incentives for my classroom.

Motion to Approve: Adam Chernow

Second By: Amy Lawlor

Teachers Pay Teachers Grants:

  • Morgan Woods (Klotz) (Fourth Grade Teacher): Requested $50

Motion to Approve: John Lawlor

Second By: Kelly Gausch


January- Meeting 1/10

  • Dine and Donate – Mad J’s BBQ – 1/18 12-7PM (Snow date – 1/25) – Dine in and carry out
  • “Das Pickle Haus” Fundraiser – 1/9-26 (This is a slight change in dates.)
  • Movie Night – 1/13 6:30-9:00PM – Pizza must be pre-ordered

February – Meeting 2/7

  • Dine and Donate – Plaza Azteca – 2/8 11AM-10PM
  • Pickle Pickup – 2/21 – 4-6PM
  • Anita’s Savory Dips Fundraiser – 1/30-2/22
  • Gertrude Hawk – 2/4-2/21

March – Meeting 3/14

  • 4th Grade Celebration Fundraiser – Tervis Cup Fundraiser – 3/14-3/31
  • Dine and Donate – Pop’s 3/10 & 3/11 11:30AM – 10PM
  • Skate Night – 3/2 – PTA will pay the entrance fee. Skate rentals and snacks are not included.
  • Bingo – 3/19 – We are in need of prizes! Please let us know if you know of anyone who is willing to donate. We will also need help the day of the event to set up. Tickets will be sold for $20 (pre-sale) and $25 (at the door). Children must purchase a ticket in order to attend.
  • Smillows – Sell 2/27-3/10 – Pickup 3/31


  • Amazon Smile
  • Boyer’s Tags
  • Boxtops – We just received a $99 check for this fundraiser

*We do a variety of fundraisers so that you can decide which ones best fit your family. Please do not feel as though you need to participate in every fundraiser. 

Old Business:

  • Snacks and drinks in faculty rooms – The staff is very appreciative!
  • Yearbook – The fourth graders are voting on the theme. All fourth graders will receive a free softcover yearbook. You can do two free customized pages.
  • Field Trips – Third grade is finalizing their field trip.
  • Playground – We are still waiting for the installation company to get back to us.

New Business:

  • 4th Grade Celebration – You will be receiving an email soon if you volunteered to help with this event.

Motion to Approve : Amy Koch

Second By: Amy Lawlor

Adjournment- 7:32PM

Next Meeting – February 7th at 6:30PM in the library


In Person: Lizz Galley, Mackenzie Weaver, Jennifer Schwegler, Katelyn Moll, Amy Koch, Amy Lawlor, Lauren Farina, Dave Crissman, Jill Myers, Adam Chernow, Kelly Gausch, Cindy Weidenhammer, Mary Templin, Paige Schwinger, John Lawlor, Jennifer Meals, Tara Berger

On Zoom: Jodi Gauker, Colleen Berger, Tara Schwab