March 14th, 2023 Meeting Minutes

Minutes from the PTA Meeting on Tuesday, March 14th, 2023 6:30PM in the library. 

Call to Order- 6:34PM

Pledge of Allegiance

Principal’s Comments:

  • Michelle Jackson was unable to join us.

Treasurer’s Report – February 2023  

  • Deposits have been made from the pickles fundraiser, Amazon Smile, and Mad J’s BBQ Dine and Donate. Expenses include paying the bill for the pickle fundraiser, movie night expenses, BINGO machine rental and licenses, grade level grants, teacher grants, hospitality expenses, and babysitting for last month’s meeting.

Motion to Approve: Kelly Gausch

Second By: Mary Templin


  • There are currently 72 members.

Teacher Grants:

  • Crystal Nace (Intervention Specialist): Requested $100 Reading Simplified Program – It is a program that offers over 80 hours of instruction in the area of reading/phonics. In addition to this instruction, I am provided many binders full of resources that I am currently using with all grade levels (K-4).
  • Daniel Aston (2nd Grade Learning Support Teacher): Requested $61.44 for Classroom snacks, classroom reward incentives, Items needed in classroom – This money is used for necessary classroom supplies and items needed for student use.
  • Barb Miller (Virtual Teacher): Requested $100 for Classroom Supplies

Motion to Approve: Jennifer Schwegler

Second By: Mackenzie Weaver

Teachers Pay Teachers Grants:

  • Crystal Nace (Intervention Specialist): Requested $50
  • Emily Riddle (3rd Grade Teacher): Requested $50
  • Barb Miller (Virtual Teacher): Requested $50

Motion to Approve: Katelyn Moll

Second By: Cindy Weidenhammer

Teacher Grade Level Grants:

  • None


March – Meeting 3/14

  • Dine and Donate – Pop’s 3/10 & 3/11 11:30AM – 10PM – We made approximately $100. Since this event was not well-attended and we heard that the service was not good, we will probably not do this fundraiser next year.
  • Skate Night – 3/2 – 6-8pm @ Fantasy Skate – Approximately 150 people attended.
  • Bingo – 3/19 – Baskets are still coming in and we have a lot of volunteers. We are sold out of tickets.
  • Gertrude Hawk – Pickup 3/22 4-6pm
  • 4th Grade Celebration Fundraiser – 3/14-3/31 – Tervis Cups
  • Smillows – Pickup 3/31 4-6pm

April – Meeting 4/11

  • Dine and Donate – Fiore’s Chill and Grill – 4/19 (11AM-8PM)
  • Spirit Wear Sale – 4/11 – 4/26
  • 4th Grade Celebration Fundraiser – Lanyards – Begins 3/27
  • The Shop Fundraiser – 4/11-4/26
  • 4th Grade Celebration Dine & Donate – Panera Bread tentatively 4/26 4-8pm

May – Meeting 5/9

  • Dine and Donate – Rita’s – 5/24 5-8pm
  • Book Fair – 5/1-5/4 (BOGO) – Every child will get a book from the PTA
  • Open House – 5/2 6-8pm – The younger students will be doing a music show. There will also be a K-4 Art Show and activities including a scavenger hunt.
  • 4th Grade Celebration Dine & Donate – MOD Pizza 5/10 – all day
  • Teacher Appreciation – 5/8-5/12
    • Teacher Luncheon 5/9
  • Movie Night – outside on 5/19 (if it is rainy, we will watch the movie inside.)


  • Boyer’s Tags
  • Boxtops
  • Givebacks – The PTA Board members have been trying this and it has been working well. We will be launching this to everyone soon.

*We do a variety of fundraisers so that you can decide which ones best fit your family. Please do not feel as though you need to participate in every fundraiser. 

Old Business:

  • Watch D.O.G.S. – Pizza Night 3/23 6-7pm – Forms have gone home to sign-up.
  • Yearbook – Photos are uploaded to the website now.
  • Field Trips – The trips are scheduled and students are excited.
  • ArtsPower – This is a program that brings Broadway-style shows to students through videos in their classrooms. We are meeting to discuss pricing.
  • Playground – Climbing piece has arrived, so we are just waiting for it to be installed.
  • 4th Grade Celebration – 6/5 9:30am-1:30pm – We will have a clap parade in the morning.

New Business:

  • Art to Remember – Some of the profits will be used for classroom supplies.
  • Leave a Snack – We will be talking to Ms. Jackson to see if students can donate items that they don’t want for others to eat.

Motion to Approve : Katelyn Moll

Second By: Cindy Weidenhammer

Adjournment- 7:47PM

Next Meeting – April 11th at 6:30PM in the library


In Person: Lizz Galley, Mackenzie Weaver, Jennifer Schwegler, Katelyn Moll, Amy Koch, Lauren Farina, Dave Crissman, Jill Myers, Kelly Gausch, Andrea Salsano, Mary Templin, CIndy Weidenhammer

On Zoom: Dawn Gaugler, Dina Heffner, Jodi Gauker