November 8th, 2022 Meeting Minutes

Minutes from the PTA Meeting on Tuesday, November 8th, 2022 6:30PM in the library. 

Call to Order- 6:31PM

Pledge of Allegiance

Principal’s Comments:

  • Ms. Jackson was not able to join us this evening.

Treasurer’s Report – October 2022  

  • Walkathon money, yearbook money, and money from miscellaneous fundraisers (gift card fundraiser, Rita’s Dine and Donate) were deposited.
  • The money from the Near and Dear Dance was not deposited yet.
  • Teacher grants and teacher allowance checks were sent out.
  • We also paid for hospitality expenses and Scholastic book expenses.

Motion to Approve: Dave Crissman

Second By: Cindy Weidenhammer


  • There are currently 70 members.

Teacher Grants:

  • Paige Labe (Kindergarten Teacher): Requested $100 for items needed in classroom and center activities. I purchased items that were needed in my Kindergarten classroom. The velcro dots were used to place students’ name tags on their desks. The erasers will be used by students when working on their white boards. The stickers will be used to build letters or words (this is a fun way for students to practice with high frequency words!) The other items will be used for students to work on during centers while the teacher is meeting with a small group.
  • Kim Scheidt (3rd Grade TEacher): Requested $100 for Teachers Pay Teachers. Purchasing materials needed for the classroom via TPT.
  • Scott Troxell (K-4 Music): Requested $19.50 for recorders. I have three students whose families have expressed financial hardship, lacking the ability to purchase a recorder for their child. I would like your help with paying for their recorders. The district already bought the recorders. This would be reimbursing the district.
  • Nicole Lambert (1st Grade): requested $100 for art supplies for a special project, Classroom reward incentives, Item needed in classroom. I used the money to buy prizes for incentives, things to start the year, and classroom supplies
  • Kaetlyn Kalbfell (Life Skills Support): Requested $100 for items needed in classroom. Items for VB program.
  • Ashley Rainey (Life Skills Support K-4): Requested $100 for items needed in classroom. Sensory toys, reinforcers, and objects/toys used for verbal behavior programming.

Motion to Approve: Adam Chernow

Second By: Rebecca Bieber

Teachers Pay Teachers Grants:

  • Paige Labe (Kindergarten Teacher): Requested $50
  • Theresa Kelly (Second Grade Teacher): Requested $50
  • Kim Scheidt (Third Grade Teacher): Requested $50
  • Scott Troxell (K-4 Music Teacher): Requested $6.36
  • Alicia Noll (Intervention Specialist): Requested $50
  • Nicole Lambert (First Grade Teacher): Requested $50
  • Kaetlyn Kalbfell (Life Skills Support Teacher): Requested $50

Motion to Approve: Jennifer Schwegler

Second By: Mackenzie Weaver


November- Meeting 11/8

  • Dine and Donate – Cristina’s – 11/9 – 5-8PM
  • Tara’s Treats Fundraiser – Delivery 11/17 (We are hoping for a 5:30-6:30PM pick-up time, but we will let you know once that is confirmed.)
  • Gift Card Fundraiser – Delivery TBD (We made approximately $1,300 from this fundraiser. The order has been shipped. The gift cards will be sent home with students in a sealed envelope once they arrive.)
  • Near and Dear Dance – 11/18 – Under the Sea (You can still buy tickets. We are looking forward to a great event!)
  • American Education Week – 11/14-18
  • Boon Supply Fundraiser – 11/7-18

December- Meeting 12/13

  • Dine and Donate – Chick-fil-A on 5th St Hwy – 12/5-12/9 (You cannot order on the app and you must mention that you are there for the Dine and Donate before you order.)
  • Santa’s Workshop – 12/2 5-8PM (There are a few more vendor spots still open.)
  • The Shoppe Fundraiser (This will be moved to April because the company does not do fundraisers in December.)

January- Meeting 1/10

  • Dine and Donate – Mad J’s BBQ – 1/18 12-7PM (Snowdate – 1/25)
  • “Das Pickle Haus” Fundraiser – Selling 1/9-25, Pickup 2/21
  • Movie Night- January 13 from 6:30-9:00PM (The fourth grade will vote on which movie we will be watching.)


  • Amazon Smile
  • Boyer’s Tags
  • Boxtops

*We do a variety of fundraisers so that you can decide which ones best fit your family. Please do not feel as though you need to participate in every fundraiser. 

Old Business:

  • Walkathon – Prizes to be handed out, school-wide PJ day Dec 2nd, ice cream party TBD (We made $10,216 on this event.)
  • Snacks and drinks in faculty rooms (We are moving forward with getting a drink vending machine. We will put snacks in all three of the faculty rooms. The teachers will pay for the snacks and the PTA will keep the snacks stocked.)
  • Additional fundraisers – ice cream, pretzels (We are hoping to sell these at the end of April/beginning of May.)
  • Yearbook (You can still purchase your yearbook, but the discount has ended. The fourth grade students will vote on the theme.)
  • Watch D.O.G.S. (The kit has been ordered so the program will begin as soon as we receive the materials.)

New Business:

  • Field Trips (Teachers are working on planning field trips and running into roadblocks. We will check into this more.)

Adjournment- 7:16PM

Motion to Adjourn: Katelyn Moll

Second By: Paige Schwinger

Next Meeting – December 13th at 6:30PM in the library


In Person: Lizz Galley, Mackenzie Weaver, Jennifer Schwegler, Amy Koch, Katelyn Moll, Lauren Farina, Dave Crissman, Jill Myers, Tara Berger, Adam Chernow, Cindy Weidenhammer, Samson Gausch, Paige Schwinger, Jessica Dunkle, Meredith Congelio, Rebecca Bieber, Jenny Leibold

On Zoom: Dina Heffner, Jodi Gauker, Tara Schwab, Elizabeth Teeters