October 11th, 2022 Meeting Minutes

Minutes from the PTA Meeting on Tuesday, October 11, 2022 6:30PM in the library. 

Call to Order- 6:30PM

Pledge of Allegiance

Principal’s Comments:

  • Mrs. Zellner said that Fire Prevention Day is moved to next Friday, October 21.
  • The Superhero Breakfast was a huge success and it was wonderful to have so many people back in the building after the pandemic restrictions. She welcomes any suggestions for the future.

Treasurer’s Report – September 2022  

  • Deposits were made for spirit wear that was sold, Amazon retail fundraising, Boyers, a baked good sale, and Bookfair.
  • Withdrawals were made for the upcoming Near and Dear Dance, teacher grants, Bookfair/prizes, last year’s fourth grade celebration, labels for various events, birthday books, babysitting for PTA meetings and an outdoor movie screen.

Motion to Approve: Shawn Fies

Second By: Amy Lawlor


  • There are currently 68 members.

Teacher Grants:

  • Colleen Berger (First Grade Teacher): Requested $100 for an item needed in classroom and supplies for a curriculum-based project
  • Dawn Gaugler (Learning Support Teacher): Requested $100 for items purchased from Hobby Lobby for classroom
  • Lauren Stahl (Fourth Grade Teacher): Requested $100 for books, supplies for a curriculum-based project, item and posters for classroom
  • Nikki Wright (Third Grade Teacher): Requested $100 for classroom reward incentives and an item needed for classroom
  • Sheryl Eshbach (K-4 Media, 2-4 I&I): Requested $100 for objects for the classroom for times when Life Skills students are unable to participate in the lesson
  • Jennie Schmoyer (Intervention Specialist): Requested $100 for books and classroom reward incentives
  • Lynn Schadler (Third Grade Teacher): Requested $77.41 for special curriculum books and SEL supplies

Motion to Approve: Jodi Gauker

Second By: Jennifer Decola

Teachers Pay Teachers Grants:

  • Heidi Shaw (Third Grade Learning Support Teacher): Requested $50
  • Dave Crissman (Third Grade Teacher): Requested $50
  • Nicole Lynyak (Fourth Grade Teacher): Requested $50
  • Sarah Crissman (Fourth Grade Teacher): Requested $50
  • Tiffany Jackson (Speech Therapist): Requested $50
  • Dawn Gaugler (Learning Support K-1 Teacher): Requested $50
  • Sheryl Eshbach (Media K-4, I&I 2-4 Teacher): Requested $50
  • Kathy Wood (Dean of Students): Requested $50
  • Nicole Wright (Third Grade Teacher): Requested $50
  • Mary Templin (Learning Support Teacher): Requested $50
  • Amy Derr (K-4, Speech/Language Therapy Teacher): Requested $50
  • Jennie Schmoyer (Intervention K-4 Teacher): Requested $50
  • Lucia Gagliardi (Gifted Support Teacher): Requested $50
  • Jaime Marsh (Wagner) (Fourth Grade Teacher): Requested $50
  • Colleen Berger (First Grade Teacher): Requested $50
  • Jennifer Meals (Kindergarten Teacher): Requested $50
  • Lauren Stahl (Fourth Grade Teacher): Requested $50
  • Georjenna Gatto (Speech-Language Pathologist): Requested $50
  • Kristi Shuman (K-5 ESL Teacher): Requested $50
  • Jill Myers (Second Grade Teacher): Requested $38.75
  • Lynn Schadler (Third Grade Teacher): Requested $50
  • Jessica Saunders (School Psychologist): Requested $50
  • Ashley Rainey (Life Skills Support K-4 Teacher): Requested $50

Motion to Approve: Kelly Gausch 

Second By: John Lawlor


October – Meeting 10/11

  • Dine and Donate – Fiore’s – 10/12 11AM-8PM (takeout only after 3PM)
  • Walk-a-thon – 10/14 (rain date 10/21)- We have over $750 in donations online so far and approximately $400 in cash/checks. Our goal is to raise $6,000. The students enjoy seeing the goal chart in the hallway. We have games ready for the students to play on Friday and many parents have volunteered to help.
  • Trunk or Treat – 10/20 (rain date 10/27) – 6-8PM – Food Trucks start at 5PM – Setup at 4:30PM- We have 28 trunks signed up so far. We are still accepting candy donations until the day of the event. Schaffers, Taco Revolution, Rita’s, and The Perk Up Truck food trucks will be at the event and all of the food trucks will be giving a portion of their profits back to the school. The Police and Fire Department will be coming.
  • Gift Card Fundraiser – All of October – You can order from the form that was sent home or go online to order gift cards. You can choose to pay online and have the gift cards sent to you for a fee or you can choose to have the gift cards sent to the school and pay with a check to avoid paying the fee.
  • Tara’s Treats Fundraiser – Sell Oct 11-Nov 3 – Delivery Nov 17 (approximately 6PM)

November- Meeting 11/8

  • Dine and Donate – Cristina’s – 11/9 – 5-8PM –  The restaurant has promised to be well-staffed for the event this year.
  • Near and Dear Dance – 11/18 – Under the Sea – Forms will be emailed to ask for food donations and volunteers for the event.
  • American Education Week – 11/14-11/18 – We are working on events and reaching out to guest readers for the week.
  • Boon Supply Fundraiser – 11/7-11/18

December- Meeting 12/13

  • Dine and Donate – Chick-fil-A on 5th St Hwy – 12/5-12/9 –  Please mention Willow Creek before you pay. They cannot accept orders through the app (drive-thru or in restaurant only).
  • Santa’s Workshop – 12/2 – Vendors have started signing up. Please reach out if you are interested in being a vendor. Sarah Crissman has volunteered to run a craft table where students can make cards.
  • The Shoppe Fundraiser


  • Amazon Smile
  • Boyer’s Tags
  • Boxtops

*We do a variety of fundraisers so that you can decide which ones best fit your family. Please do not feel as though you need to participate in every fundraiser. 

Old Business:

  • Bookfair – We sold over $13,000 worth of items. We spent approximately $4,000 for books for the students.
  • Kidstuff Books fundraiser canceled – They couldn’t send us enough books. This has not been a huge fundraiser for us, so we will be able to make up the funds.
  • Yearbook – They have extended their 10% discount until October 31, 2022. PTA will be buying every fourth grader a softcover book. So far, we have sold 162 yearbooks. The fourth grade will be picking our yearbook theme again.
  • Watch D.O.G.S. – This is a way to bring more male role models into the school. PTA was asked to pay the $500 start-up cost. The special area teachers do not all use their grants, so we could put the costs under this category. Training, stickers, and prizes are included in the training package.

Motion to Approve: Jennifer Schwegler

Second By: Mary Templin

New Business:

  • Snacks and Drinks in Faculty Rooms – Ms. Jackson asked if PTA could stock the snacks and drinks in the faculty room (not paying for them).
  • Additional Fundraisers – The following fundraisers have been suggested: Nesting Box Ice Cream, Flavored Hard Pretzels, Smillows

Adjournment- 7:39PM

Motion to Adjourn: Amy Lawlor

Second By: Mackenzie Weaver

Next Meeting – November 8th at 6:30PM in the library


In Person: Lizz Galley, Mackenzie Weaver, Jennifer Schwegler, Amy Koch, Lauren Farina, Amy Lawlor, Dave Crissman, Jill Myers, Sarah Crissman, Michelle Jackson, Katie Pisauro, Mary Templin, Tara Berger, Adam Chernow, John Lawlor, Cindy Weidenhammer, Kelly Gausch, Paige Schwinger, Jessica Dunkle, Lindsay Arciniegas, Jennifer Decola, Tara Schwab, Andrew Salsano, Michelle Card

On Zoom: Ashli Heckman, Brittany Bryniarski, Dina Heffner, Jodi Gauker, Rebecca Beiber